Pregnancy care

This exclusive private maternity service offers consultant led pregnancy monitoring and delivery with leading consultant obstetrician, Professor Makrina (Mina) Savvidou on hand to help and guide at every key stage.


Initial 'get to know you' consultation

In this session, both parents-to-be and Professor Savvidou will discuss due dates, concerns and delivery options. A quick scan may well be indicated if the pregnancy is deemed to be around 7 weeks.

Antenatal consultations take place within the state-of-the-art Kensington Wing


The appointments with Professor Savvidou are every 2-4 weeks, depending on the circumstances, up until 32 weeks, when visits increase to every 2 weeks. At 36 weeks, consultations move to weekly until delivery.

Antenatal classes are strongly recommended, especially for first time parents. There are many options open to mothers both for individual or group classes. The Kensington Wing offers regular birth preparation workshops for couples and can be arranged directly with the unit. Also the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) can enroll mothers in classes in local areas. Price is by arrangement with individual practitioners.


It is suggested that all mothers have two scans routinely in pregnancy: a nuchal translucency scan between 11-13 weeks (part of the screening for Down's syndrome) and a detailed anomaly scan at 19-22 weeks. An early viability scan which accurately locates the pregnancy may be required. An additional growth scan at 32-34 weeks is recommended. Occasionally, further scans may be required, depending on clinical indications.

Blood and urine tests:

It is recommended to have routine urine and blood screening tests, which include testing for anaemia, blood group, congenital infections and diabetes . Some of these tests are repeated later in pregnancy and occasionally additional tests may be required.


Delivery options and a birth plan will have been discussed during the course of your pregnancy.

Post natal checks:

After discharge from the Kensington Wing, Professor Savvidou is available for any questions, concerns or worries. Post delivery checks occur 6 weeks after delivery, or sometimes earlier, to make sure that the body is returning to normal. Cervical smears, contraception and future plans will also be discussed during that visit.

Package Fees

Package fees can be discussed with Professor Savvidou's secretary, and includes antenatal care, delivery and post-delivery care together with 24/7 availability for any emergencies.

Exclusions include any anaesthetic, Kensington Wing charges, scans, and blood test costs.

Professor Savvidou aims to deliver all of her patients; however due to personal and professional commitments, she works on a weekend on-call rota basis with consultant colleagues from the Cheyne Practice.

Medical Insurance Cover

Most insurance companies do not cover pregnancy care unless there is a significant complication (such as Caesarean section) and even then they will only usually cover a proportion of the total fee. You will be liable for any shortfall.

We are happy to issue a receipt, complete an insurance form and provide any relevant information in support of a claim that you may make to your insurance company for reimbursement of a proportion of the fees related to complication of pregnancy or delivery.

If in doubt you should discuss details of your pregnancy cover with your own insurance company.